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Harlee's Angels

a non-profit 501(c)3 rescue

How to Adopt A Dog From Harlee's Angels

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued dog!! By thoroughly completing this adoption application, you can help us to ensure that all of our dogs will be placed in homes that are best suited to their individual needs. Please note that our pugs are NOT placed first-come-first-serve. Rather, while they are in foster care, their personalities are assessed, and they are matched up with a forever home based on what the home is looking for in a dog and what the dog needs.

Please keep in mind, there is absolutely no guarantee made or implied that any person requesting to adopt a dog being fostered through any of Harlee's Angels Divisions, or posted on Harlee's Angels Website or Social Media, will be allowed to adopt a Harlee's Angels dog. Harlee's Angels reserve the right to make all decisions regarding placement or final disposition of any rescued dog in its care.

Fill out an application, located under FORMS.

Before you complete this application, please consider the following:

What can I expect after I apply?

Please understand that our organization is staffed completely by hard-working volunteers. The processing of your application may take longer based on the number of applications being received and incomplete applications will not be considered. Your application will be used to determine whether we contact you to begin the approval process, which includes telephone interviews, reference checks, and a home visit. Not all applicants will be contacted. If you are found to be a potential match based on your application, a representative will contact you for a phone interview. The references you provide on this application will then be contacted and a home visit will be arranged. PLEASE realize that several homes are interviewed for each dog in order to ensure the best possible match.

You CANNOT adopt from us if you refuse to let us visit your home. That is an automatic denial. 

We WILL contact your vet and references.

If ANY of your animals in your household are not properly vetted your application will be denied. If you take your animals to a mobile vet clinic, make sure you have that information, the form they give you and attach it in the email. This way we will have the information. YOUR ANIMALS MUST BE HW NEGATIVE AND ON HEARTWORM MEDICATION or your application will be denied. If their not, please do not waste our time in submitting an application. 

While we welcome you to apply for a specific dog, we cannot guarantee that your application will be considered for that dog. Important note: If you are only interested in adopting a puppy (0-6 months), please indicate that on your application. Please understand that we rarely have puppies available for adoption. Consequently, we may defer the processing of your application.

If I am approved for adoption, how will I get my dog?

All applicants are required to pick up the dog you are approved to adopt. We do not transport dogs. We do not ship dogs or use volunteer transport. If you cannot pick up the dog you are applying for, please do NOT apply for that dog. We are nationwide and will have different divisions near your location. 

Adoption Fees


What does my adoption fee cover?

Your adoption fee goes towards veterinary treatment for the rescued dogs (including spaying or neutering), medicines, food, and supplies while they are in foster care. We have no paid staff – all adoption fees and donations go directly towards funding our mission of providing for dogs in need. Adoption fees are NOT negotiable. If you would like to know the fee of an animal available for adoption, please email and ask.

 We do NOT take payments for the adoption fee. If you have to make payments, then you cannot afford the long term care an animal requires. Period. 

Fee includes:

Health Exam



Heartworm Test

Deworming and/or Fecal



*if you are approved to adopt, please note we do not accept personal checks. The adoption fee can be paid in the following ways: PayPal, Zelle or Cash. 


All pets are microchipped prior to adoption from Harlee's Angels. Depending upon the company used, there may be a yearly or lifelong registration fee required. This fee is not included in HA's stated adoption fees and is the responsibility of the adopter.

New Arrivals:

CHECK OUT OUR HARLEE'S ANGELS FACEBOOK PAGE FOR AVAILABLE KIDS under the album "Currently Available for Adoption".