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Harlee's Angels

a non-profit 501(c)3 rescue

 Southern California/Southwestern US/Tijuana Division

General info and inquiries [email protected]

Harlee’s Angels Southern California Handi-Capable Ranch: The title of this division of the rescue says a lot. They have dogs that are forever in their care, sanctuary-hospice stats. This is where our greatest vet medical expense comes. The all have a story. Many were from shelter. In fact almost all we’re pulled from death row. They each are loved, cared for and spoiled. Without the sanctuary ranch, they would have been killed. 

Finnegan UPDATE:

As of this moment NO SHUNT for Finn McCool! He is a strong, healthy young boy and all tests have come back normal including acid bile test. He shows NO SIGNS of neurological issues. At this point (more discussion on Monday) Doc wants to remove the mass on his head and have it biopsied. Those results will determine the next steps. It's most likely they will insert drains to get rid of the fluid. This will relieve pressure in his crazy pug head and just might improve his vision!

We are NOT even considering the "C" word so don't think about it.

He will return either Monday or Tuesday for the next step on his road to healing. This week-end he will hang out at the ranch (closely supervised) and enjoy some down time.

Thank you to all that have and continue to donate towards his care.

Oh btw, he has "found his bark"!