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Harlee's Angels

a non-profit 501(c)3 rescue

Statement on Controversy 

For over a decade, Harlee’s Angels Rescue has dedicated itself to dogs in need. We spend every moment thinking about or caring for these dogs. Everyone is a volunteer, no one is paid. We do not have government funding. We are a foster home only rescue meaning we do not have a kennel or shelter. We are individuals with a common goal of ensuring the animals who come under our care have all they need for life.

We have a close relationship with the communities we live in, hundreds of animal control facilities, shelters and rescues across the Nation. These relationships are what make our common goal stronger to secure the lives of hundreds of dogs each year.

Unfortunately, no non-profit can be free of adversity. Harlee’s Angels Rescue priority is the need and welfare of animals from intake, medical, adoption into yearly welfare checks after the animal has been adopted. At times, this may mean we will lawfully resist returning a found dog to its former owner if the dog has been abused or neglected. Other times, this may mean we have to lawfully take possession of the adopted animal if the contractual agreement terms are violated. It may mean we don't adopt to a prospective applicant or deny prospective fosters. Doing the right thing is simple when you always put the dog first.

Sometimes people don’t like our decisions and make themselves heard across social media platforms.

For those involved in these situations, we respect their privacy and don’t disclose details about their personal situations although those facts can be damaging to the individual as they may have not represented themselves honestly. Some may say our silence confirms guilt but to us, but rather we choose to establish a professional disposition. Regardless of how badly and loudly some will voice their opinions, we won’t retaliate and engage in a public fighting match by lowering our standards to theirs.

From time to time, a small handful of "rescues" will partner with those individuals in order to harm our cause and the animals they claim to "care" about for reasons of publicity and financial gain. We find those who incessantly lash out to have their own issues to hide and agendas. Individuals who don’t agree with our decisions may feel they are working for their cause, but ultimately they are instigating a harmful campaign against all legitimate rescues in order to hide their own issues and further their own agendas. They are undermining and distracting from the common goal of rescue: to offer safety and comfort to dogs in need while searching for forever homes and continued welfare of dogs adopted.

Ultimately the truth prevails, those who yelled the loudest grow silent and the adversity passes.

Our lives are dedicated to animals in need, caring for them emotionally and physically, and finding them excellent forever homes. Any individual who seeks to stop that dedication is not working for the dogs.

Harlee’s Angels Rescue will always put the dog first. Doing the right thing for each dog may not be the popular consensus, however we are not in a popularity contest, were in rescue to save lives.

Harlee’s Angels Rescue on numerous occasions has stepped up when ASKED, to help individuals with a vet medical crisis. We always have in written communication the owner agreeing to a surrender or medical surrender with conditions, meaning if the conditions are followed and vet authorizes, the dog could be returned. We’ve done this twice. This last medical vet owner surrender, the vet deemed the dog is under medical care indefinitely, meaning unfortunately cannot be returned to the individual due to the dogs health. 

Unfortunately going forward, HA will no longer continue this practice. All help provided will be owner surrender only. If medical bill help is needed, there are programs that will help individuals who wish to keep their animal.

When an individual becomes a foster, not a non foster volunteer, we have a guideline of “rules” called the foster contract. These guidelines are in place for the dogs safety and protection, the fosters protection and rescues protection. Harlee’s Angels Rescue expects the “rules” to be followed at all times. As adults you are responsible for your choices and actions. If a mistake is made, the division director will counsel and help fosters work towards success. Unfortunately not all fosters accept the constructive counseling which forces the rescue to terminate the foster-rescue relationship, remove the foster dog. It’s a difficult decision, however we have a responsibility to do what’s in the dogs best interest always put the dog first.

When an animal is adopted from HA, you sign an adoption contract. Volunteers continue to follow up on the dogs adopted from us to make sure it’s properly vetted yearly including heart worm medication, as well as the home situation is stable and posses no danger to the adopted animal. We’ve even had adopters fall on bad times over their own health issues, loosing a job or house, where we have stepped up as volunteers, and paid out of our own paycheck not rescue money, for medical vetting, food for the dog and human, with no conditions. That’s the type of volunteers we are at HA.

Harlee’s Angels Rescue 100 % supports all breeds as well the rehab of dog fighting animals in a safe controlled environment. If you are an individual that has to result to making up a story, dog was in the fighting circuit to gain “hero” status, your doing more harm to that dog than you are helping it. If you cannot provide means to vet any dog you “rescue”, your doing hard to the legitimate rescue community.